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American Home Realty Network, Inc., owning and operating ("American"), respects the privacy of the information given us by its web site visitors and registered users and recognizes the importance of protecting this information against unauthorized disclosure. To that end American has adopted the privacy policy ("Policy") described below and will apply it to the information it gathers as detailed below. This Policy is current as you read it but may be amended from time to time to reflect changes and additions to it. Therefore visitors and registered users should check back for the most current version before relying on it for future use.

The Information Gathered:

American gathers information about website visitors and registered users to provide the services it offers and to improve the quality of those services. The data is collected in two ways: site visitor data and personal information data.

Site visitor data is generally collected from website activity using "cookies", "pixel tags" and "usage logs". This information is collected on an aggregate basis on the visitor area of the website and on an individual basis from the registered user (password protected) area of the website. The site visitor data consists of (i) the number of visitors over a given period of time; (ii) the pages visited and the features used; (iii) the amount of time of each visit; and (iv) the domain name used by the connecting visitor.

A "cookie" is a bit of electronic information transferred to the computer of each visitor and registered user to uniquely identify the browser being used. Cookies are used to secure the name, access codes, screen preferences, pages, and advertisements viewed (i.e. clicked on) of each visitor and registered user. Visitors and registered users can usually decline the receipt of these cookies by using various features of their software. However, declining the receipt of Internet cookies will likely interfere with a visitor's ability to view the website content.

A "pixel tag" is an invisible tag placed on certain pages of our website. It is used to track a registered user's activity on the password protected areas of our website. A pixel tag is also known as a "clear gif."

"Usage logs" are data obtained by American's computer servers that operate the website. With respect to each visitor and registered user, this data typically includes the existence of cookies, the internet protocol address, information about the browser program, and the information requested form the website.

Personal demographic data information such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, credit card information, is collected by the visitors and registered users completing various online forms, applications, surveys, and contact requests. Personal credit, asset and liability information is collected from the visitors and registered users orally and by the completion of various on-line forms, applications, and contact requests but only in connection with a mortgage loan application or becoming a financing/mortgage qualified buyer(s). American does not collect any information about visitors and registered users other personal information such as race, ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, organizational memberships or information relating to intimate details of the life of a visitor or registered user. Completing a new form will modify any information previously provided.

Usage and Gathered Information Disclosure:

American primarily uses the personal data as directed or authorized by the registered user to assist the registered user in securing the services of the selected real estate broker or agent, mortgage broker or company, title insurance company, or provider of other real estate related services. American secondarily uses the site visitor data for various other purposes, including: editorial corrections, visitor and registered user feedback, marketing and business promotion, statistical analysis of visitor and registered user responses, product and service development, content improvement and website layout, and usage feedback to advertisers. And thirdly, American may provide some or all of the data/information you provide to third parties but only when authorized by you to do so.

Minors/Children/Mentally Incapacitated Persons:

The website is not directed toward providing any services to minors or mentally incapacitated persons. American does not willingly try or intend to collect information from minors or children or mentally incapacitated persons. When brought to the attention of American, it will take all reasonable steps to purge such information from its data collection system. American does abide by the US Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.


The website may contain electronic links to and from other websites. These websites are likely to have different privacy policies than what is described here. For information about the privacy policies of these linked websites you must go to those websites.

Security Standards:

American makes every effort to secure its systems by (i) using industry standard firewalls, encryption technology, access codes, and other access control methods and systems; and (ii) employing new technology and systems that are reliable and applicable to American's data collection and security system.

Contacting American:

If you have any questions or concerns or want to express your opinions on American's services, please use the information set out on the contact page of the website.

Policy Date and Changes:

The effective date of this policy is 07/01/2009. American reserves the right to change this Policy at any time without notice and any changes will be effective upon posting to the website.


By using American's web site and providing personal information, you consent to (1) the collection, use and sharing of the data/information described above; (2) the privacy measures it provides, the sufficiency of this Policy, and the access given to American and others to your personal data/information; and (3) the method used by American to notify you of any changes to this Policy.