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Frequenty Asked Questions

Q: What exactly is NeighborCity?

NeighborCity is a real estate search engine, as well as a Realtor® ratings and rankings service that introduces homebuyers and sellers to qualified and vetted local real estate agents who are available to exclusively represent them. Most other websites hand you over to the listing agent, who works for the seller. We believe you deserve independent representation.

NeighborCity is owned and operated by American Home Realty Network, Inc., a California licensed real estate brokerage.

Q: If I find an agent or agents I like, how do I connect with them?

To connect with an individual agent, just hit the "contact" button on their profile. We'll pass your request on to the agent to make sure that they're available to work with you. If they are, we'll pass on your request, if not, we'll share your request (but not your full name and contact info) with the next most comparable agent that is available. That agent is then prompted to contact you via a temporary phone number that we assign to forward to you. Once connected, you can decide to provide your direct contact info, otherwise the temporary number will expire upon the conclusion of your inquiry.

If you are interested in a particular property but have not chosen an agent, simply click the "Request Information" button near the property photos or "Schedule a Viewing" if appropriate, and your request will be routed to the best matched agent for the property you requested. Expect to be contacted within 30 to 120 minutes during business hours or the next business day, on the number you provided. This process can take a up to a full business day depending on the nature of the request.

If you do not yet have a particular property of interest, conduct a property search on our website from the home page and local agent suggestions will be available on the left side of the page directly below the search box. Contacting those agents is typically a good place to start. They can assist you in searching and monitoring the local market for properties of interest.

If you are interested in selling your home, simply call our toll free number at 1-800-357-3321 and dial number 1 when prompted by the auto-attendant and someone will provide you with immediate assistance by setting up a meeting with a qualified local Realtor® to discuss the marketing and sale of your home.

Q: How do you make money?

Agents pay us for the business we send them through a portion of their sales commission.

There is no cost to you; all agents in the markets we serve are unbiased and rated on our site. At any time if you are interested in working with someone different we will connect you with a new agent who might be better suited for your needs.

Q: Will you list and sell my house?

We know what we are good at: helping you choose the right person to get that job done, and then make sure they do it. We will connect you with the right agent and monitor the transaction until your listed property is sold.

Q: Do agents pay to be ranked on your site?

No. We rank and display every agent. What you see is both complete and unbiased.

Q: How do you determine agent rankings?

First, we rank agents based on the price range, area and property type you select. The best agent for high-end condos often isn't the best agent for single-family starter homes.

Then we scour the web to gather data on sales activity: How many similar listings each agent sold in the past year and how many listings they're currently selling. This tells us how experienced they are in your subject property as well how busy they are right now.

We also analyze information like the percent of their listings that result in a sale and how long it takes them to sell compared to similar properties listed at the same time. While this may not seem relevant to a buyer, we find that this analysis demonstrates whether an agent keeps commitments to their clients and is a strong indicator of customer satisfaction from both the buy and sell-side.

Most importantly, we measure each agent's effectiveness. By tracking the difference between a property's asking price and the price it actually sold for, we can show you how well an agent performed for their clients relative to their peers. Comparing an agent to their peers and not the market average is another key element that makes our approach effective in providing you with the best possible Realtor® representation.

All of this is done using a sophisticated algorithm we created to make the process of choosing an agent simpler and more objective.

Q: Where do your listings come from?

Our data comes from multiple sources; direct from brokers and agents, through county tax assessor's offices and related public records, and foreclosure data providers and FSBO aggregators. We also provide school data from, maps and Streetview® from Google and geolocation data from third party providers. Additionally, we derive our own performance metrics, statistics and ranking for the roughly 1 million residential real estate agents working across our country.

We display listings from all these sources in one place - something most traditional real estate brokers would never do - in order to give you a complete picture of the market.

Q: Will you help me if something goes wrong?

Yes. Once we match you with an agent, we'll check in with you during the transaction process to make sure everything's going great.

If for some reason it's not, we'll help you make it great by intervening on your behalf with the agent - or finding you a new one.