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NeighborCity provides home buyers and sellers with the ability to make informed decisions when it comes to choosing their agents and brokers. Jonathan Cardella, Founder and CEO, and Christopher Miller, President and General Counse are staunch advocates for real estate owners and prospective owners, around the country.

Unbiased property and agent information at your fingertips

Even with all the technological advancements available today, it is still incredibly difficult to find a website with unbiased information on local real estate agents and their listings. Most other online resources either only feature their own agents or agents who pay to be there. They do not list all of the Realtors in your area, nor do they identify those who best suit your current needs.

How we bring transparency?

By scouring the web for real estate listing and transaction data, identifying the agents and brokers involved, tracking and collecting the resulting data, we recreate a professional history or agent "baseball card", that allows us to compare competing real estate agents by neighborhood, to determine how they performed for their clients. Did they deliver the goods and get the home sold or were their clients forced to re-list with another agent? Were they able to find their clients reasonably priced listings to purchase? Leveraging this information, our AgentMatch®recommendation engine gives users the power to identify the best agents for any given property they seek to buy or sell.

How we do it:

Unlike other sites where realtors pay to be ranked as "featured agents", NeighborCity uses a sophisticated algorithm that analyzes Agent's transaction history and active listings to provide the most objective and relevant rankings of Realtors in any area. If you are currently looking for an agent, this is the place where you are going to find one that suits your need. Talk to one of our real estate specialists today, we will make sure you know what you need.


Jonathan Cardella, Founder/CEO

Co-Founded Ski West, Inc. in 2001 with a $250 thousand investment and sold it four years later for $25 million cash. Ski West generated $50 million in annual sales and over $200 million in sales since its inception. Mr. Cardella directed Ski West's Information Technology, Marketing, Business Development, and Legal departments and, as its CEO, managed over 130 employees. Mr. Cardella founded NeighborCity in 2007.

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